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    Catherine Cox

    I thought it might be useful for members to see what conditions doctors have diagnosed in our children under the umbrella of Fetal Valproate Syndrome. Other parents may notice symptoms in their children that have not been explained and it may lead to a better understanding of the spectrum of conditions caused by Epilim in children.

    I’ll start the list with my son’s conditions that doctors have attributed to exposure to Epilim in utero:

    Lax joints
    Hypermobility of joints
    Delayed gross motor skill development
    Delayed fine motor skill development
    Cognitive learning delay
    Verbal processing delay
    Very poor verbal memory
    Inability to transfer learnt concepts
    Autistic spectrum disorder
    Attention deficit disorder (without hyperactivity)
    Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy with absences
    Non-rotated left hippocampus
    Unusual enlarged cavum septum pellucidum (large gap in his brain)
    Facial features associated with FVS
    Delayed respiratory development (hopefully this has now sorted itself out!)

    …I may have missed some, but it’s a start!



    Julie Richardson

    My daughter is incontinent during the day and night. I’ve heard that is quite common. She also has been diagnosed with SPD.


    Emma Murphy

    My daughters have trouble with incontinence too Julie. Having spoke to the specialist there are many types of incontinence and funnily enough each of the girls are totally different from each other. This is a common symptom, but it is only as you get older you see more symptoms within the children.


    Margot Carter

    My daughter has hypermobility syndrome, she is bilaterally deaf with enlarged vestibular aqueducts and endolymphatic sacs. She has a spina bifida occulta and hydromyelia, cortical visual dysplasia. Tinnitus, vestibular dysfunction causinllg dizziness. She also has incontinence during the day time. She has fabry disease and it has been questioned whether my valporate made her dna more susceptible to mutations. I don’t know who if anyone is actually going to do that bit of the puzzle for us. She has early stage kidney disease. Low blood pressure. What is caused by what is always the question.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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