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    Janet Williams

    Since the MHRA was created in 2004 it has been possible for your GP to report side effects of your medication to the Medicine Healthcare Regulatory Agency by way of the Yellow Card Scheme.

    The problem with this scheme is that it only reports the effects a medication has had on the person actually taking it. There is no space on the form to report the side effects caused to the fetus or your baby during pregnancy even though, after all the research since 1980, by now there should be.

    On Tuesday I made an enquiry to my GP’s surgery asking them to look back at my sons notes to see if Fetal Valproate syndrome was reported to the MHRA by the GP at the time. Yesterday I received a phone call back telling me that there was no yellow cards in either of my sons files, so the answer to my question was NO.

    We are encouraging parents to do the same and ask if a Yellow card was completed and FVS has been reported if your child has a diagnosis.

    No doubt the outcome will be very interesting!!!

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