Registration Is So Important


As IN-FACT/FACSA are a campaign group recognised within Government, and not just a support group, a lot of the information we are privvy too cannot be just splashed across the Internet without any thought or regard for the consequences that it may have in the ongoing battle/strategy to get justice for  all the FACS victims.

We have tried to make available, as much help and relevant information as we can on our website without straying from the parameters of our remit. There are other help and support groups available who run casual facebook pages etc and mostly reuse info that is already openly available.

But as IN-FACT are the recognised campaign group within Government for Epilim, if you wish to receive any possible funding for you and your children that may become available in the future, it is essential that you register your details.  Please use the contact tab on our website to confidentially enter your details with us.



2 thoughts on “Registration Is So Important

  1. my sister has been fighting for over 20yrs for answers as to why her 23yr old son basically isn’t wired propley. He has been in prison on & off & it is all down to is emotional & learning defects. She constantly battled with drs 4 help since the age of 2. Everything mentioned on this programme rings home. At the moment she & daniel are in an awful situation & any help or advice would be gratefully received

    • Hi Simone, tell your sister she can get in touch with us any time, thats what we are here for and we will post some information out to her or give her a call.

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